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Google AdWords Audits

A large chunk of our consulting service includes reviewing Google AdWords campaigns for new clients, some of which have been running for a long time. We often cringe at what we find when we login to their account. Campaigns that have been unprofitable for years… Continue reading

Google AdWords Accreditation Achieved

I am pleased to announce that the following staff member of Jordan Consulting Group Ltd has successfully completed Google AdWords Certification this week: Kalena Jordan – Director Requirements Met To become accredited, this individual has: Managed several Google AdWords accounts. Taken the Google AdWords Advertising… Continue reading

Site Performance Audits

SITE PERFORMANCE AUDITS If you already have a web site and/or online marketing campaign running, but the ROI is weak or you’re not sure how well your site/campaign is performing, we offer detailed performance audits that can show you exactly where things are going wrong… Continue reading

Google Adwords

Managing AdWords accounts can be time-consuming and expensive. If you (or your marketing staff) don’t know what you are doing, you can end up sinking tens of thousands of dollars or more into online PPC campaigns that have a very low Return on Investment (ROI).… Continue reading

Paid Advertising Services

Paid Advertising Consulting Our staff are experts at PPC advertising, with our directors, Jerry and Kalena Jordan, being amongst the first 100 people worldwide to receive Google Adwords Professional status. Whether you are looking to create a new Pay Per Click / Paid Advertising Campaign… Continue reading