Google Analytics Services

Using Google Analytics to track visitor behaviour on your site is only valuable if you ACT on that information. For example, you might use insights from your analytics data to make changes to improve the usability of your site. Or you might use it to pinpoint where your conversions are coming from. Installing Google Analytics and then ignoring the data is never a good strategy.

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Our analytics consulting services can help with:

  • setting up your Google Analytics account and profiles
  • installing tracking code
  • setting up goals and funnels
  • interpreting and analyzing your data
  • tracking e-commerce conversions
  • creating custom filters and custom reports
  • altering your site layout and content in response to analytics insights
  • building custom dashboards

Our services include not only Analytics Consulting, but web site design, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Campaign creation and maintenance and just about anything else relating to building and marketing your web site. So, we are able to analyze your Google Analytics reports and make concrete suggestions for site changes, helping you to increase your conversions and overall visitor satisfaction with your site.

Google Analytics Training

Our Director Kalena Jordan regularly travels around New Zealand giving half and full day training workshops in how to use Google Analytics. These workshops are run in conjunction with the Institute of IT Professionals NZ, but Kalena also offers private training sessions for client staff and organisations.

We are also currently developing a Google Analytics introductory course at our training college, Search Engine College, and we will update this page to let you know more about the new course, when it is ready.

Keyword Research Services

Keyword Research Consulting

Whatever your online marketing plans involving search engines and/or PPC advertising might be, they will be unfocused and only guesswork if you don't first conduct keyword research to see what search engine users are actually typing in their search engine queries. If you build a site with excellent text and PPC Advertising campaigns targeting the phrase "yellow widgets" but people are actually typing in "gold whatsits", how many search engine referrals will you get? Probably none. How often will your PPC advertisement come up on search engine results pages? Probably never.

Without conducting proper keyword research, you don't know what text and resources to put on your site to get search engine traffic. Our Keyword Research Consulting services include providing detailed lists of the terms relating to your products that people are typing into the search engines and advice regarding which of the terms in the keyword research report best match your products and services. With this information, you can then either add the necessary text and resources to your site yourself, or we can help you to do so with our Search Engine Optimization consulting.

Keyword Research Training

Our Keyword Research course is described here.

Consulting Services

Jordan Consulting Group offers hourly consulting or monthly retainer contracts to companies wanting assistance with any and all of the following web site related services:

Blog design and integration
Content management systems (CMS)
Google Analytics / Urchin Analytics
Landing page creation and testing
Link building campaigns
Online course creation
Online reputation monitoring
Online strategy planning
Pay Per Click advertising (PPC)
Search engine compatibility
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Shopping cart integration
Web site Return on Investment analysis (ROI)
Web site copywriting
Web site design
Web site hosting
Web site usability

For more information, or to request an obligation-free quotation for any of the above services please contact our sales staff.

Affordable Web Site Design

You are looking for affordable web site design, but you have no idea where to start looking or what questions to ask?

You have come to the right place!

"Affordable" can have different meanings in relation to web site design. Consider the following options:

A. You want the absolute cheapest site possible.

B. You want a reasonably priced site, but you also want to be able to modify it yourself after it has been created, to save yourself LOTS of money not only now, but also until the next site design.

C. You want a reasonably priced site that you can modify and that has a chance of being found in search engine results.

If you are looking for option C, that is a reasonably priced site that you can modify yourself (through a Content Management System) AND that has a chance of being properly indexed by the search engines, then you should consider our design and marketing services.

Our affordable web site design services include:

1. Keyword Research to determine what search engine users are actually typing in for queries relating to your goods and services.

2. Site design services that include the creation and upload of graphics to your new site and the creation of a site layout that best suits your needs.

3. The integration of this new design into an open source (free) Content Management System, so that you can log into the site as the administrator and add/modify/remove your site content as you wish.

4. Creation of Site Copy - that is writing site copy (text) that integrates the results of our Keyword Research into your site. This gives you pages of content that is not only readable by your site visitors, but also indexable by the search engines.

5. Optional extras including the integration of Google Analytics code into your new site, providing monthly reports on site activity, PPC marketing campaigns and a host of other services to help you maintain and market your new affordable web site.

To find out how we can help you, Contact us with your web site design needs.

Google Adwords

Managing AdWords accounts can be time-consuming and expensive. If you (or your marketing staff) don't know what you are doing, you can end up sinking tens of thousands of dollars or more into online PPC campaigns that have a very low Return on Investment (ROI). What does this mean for your business? LOTS of money in and very little back out of your AdWords campaigns.

Our staff have been creating, managing and evaluating Google AdWords campaigns since shortly after this advertising option was introduced and we can help you to reach your PPC marketing objectives. Whether your goal is to create AdWords campaigns for a number of industry terms, or to tie in your AdWords campaigns into your overall SEO campaign and online marketing objectives, we are here to help. Contact us here to see how we can help you make your AdWords campaigns a success.

Link Building Services

Link Building Consulting

Link Building is important for LinkPopularity (and your ultimate ranking) in Google and our Link Building services can include conducting research into your market and online competitors, finding possible industry and other complementary links for your site, contacting the site owners on your behalf, integrating cross-links into your site (where necessary) and helping you develop further strategies to get others to link to your site.

Link Building Training

Our Link Building course is described here.

Paid Advertising Services

Paid Advertising Consulting

Our staff are experts at PPC advertising, with our directors, Jerry and Kalena Jordan, being amongst the first 100 people worldwide to receive Google Adwords Professional status.

Whether you are looking to create a new Pay Per Click / Paid Advertising Campaign on Google AdWords or Bing Ads or require an audit of your existing account, we can help you.

Our consulting services include conducting keyword research (if desired), writing PPC advertisements for you, monitoring your PPC campaigns and reporting back to you on further strategic options for increasing your click-through rates and other aspects of your campaign.

Paid Advertising Training

Our Paid Advertising courses are discussed here.