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Whatever your online marketing plans involving search engines and/or PPC advertising might be, they will be unfocused and only guesswork if you don't first conduct keyword research to see what search engine users are actually typing in their search engine queries. If you build a site with excellent text and PPC Advertising campaigns targeting the phrase "yellow widgets" but people are actually typing in "gold whatsits", how many search engine referrals will you get? Probably none. How often will your PPC advertisement come up on search engine results pages? Probably never.

Without conducting proper keyword research, you don't know what text and resources to put on your site to get search engine traffic. Our Keyword Research Consulting services include providing detailed lists of the terms relating to your products that people are typing into the search engines and advice regarding which of the terms in the keyword research report best match your products and services. With this information, you can then either add the necessary text and resources to your site yourself, or we can help you to do so with our Search Engine Optimization consulting.

Keyword Research Training

Our Keyword Research course is described here.

Kalena is a Director of Jordan Consulting Group and a Co-founder and Director of Studies for Search Engine College. One of the first search engine optimization experts in Australia and New Zealand, Kalena Jordan has been marketing web sites online since 1996 and blogging about search since 2002. As well as presenting at various marketing conferences and training events each year, Kalena writes a regular column for Site Pro News, as well as an agony aunt style search engine advice blog called Ask Kalena. She is a trainer for and full Member of the Institute of IT Professionals in New Zealand and has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Newcastle in Australia. Kalena is also a self-confessed Twitter addict. When not glued to her iPhone, she likes to go geocaching and fishing.
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