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Are you paying too much per click?

Our consulting services include setting up or reviewing Bing Ads campaigns for clients. Sometimes we will review campaigns that have been running at a loss for a long time.

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Campaigns that have been unprofitable for years are left to flounder and waste tens of thousands of dollars because the staff are too busy to manage them or are simply ignorant of what it takes to make them profitable. Unfortunately, the "Set and Forget" mentality is alive and well in online advertising.

If you have a Google AdWords or Bing Ads campaign running, but the ROI is weak or you're not sure how well your site/campaign is performing, we offer detailed performance audits that can show you exactly where things are going wrong and how to address the issues quickly. Performance audits are especially crucial for paid search advertising accounts, because unnecessary click costs can rack up quickly and chew through your ad budget within hours.

Bing Ads Audits

As with our Google AdWords audits, our Bing Ads audits focus on the performance of your existing Bing Ads campaigns and how they can be re-worked to be more efficient and cost-effective. Areas reviewed include account structure, ad group theming, keyword analysis, ad copy analysis, conversions and ROI, quality scores, landing pages, bid strategy and competitor metrics. We also offer assistance with the creation of new Bing Ads campaigns. Audits include detailed recommendations for fixes and improvements, which can be costed as an additional project, or undertaken in-house.

Typical problem areas we discover during Bing Ads audits include:

  • Not Enough Ads
  • Using Ads That Don't Reflect Target Keywords
  • Not Using Enough Ad Groups
  • Not Using Content Bids
  • Unnecessary Use of Multiple Campaigns
  • Not Using Targeted Landing Pages
  • Incorrect Use of Keyword Matching Options
  • Not Using Negative Keywords
  • Targeting the Wrong Audience
  • Setting the Daily Budget Too Low
  • Not Using Conversion Tracking

Any of these issues can be costing a company conversions and valuable ROI. More often than not, we find several of these issues impacting a single account.

If you suspect your Bing Ads account has one or more of these problems, one of our professional account audits could save you thousands per month. Please contact us today to find out how we can help.

Sample Audit

View a Sample Google AdWords Audit (PDF)

Audit Fees

Content of any of our Paid Search Advertising Audits can be tailored to suit specific client requirements. Fees are based on the number of hours the audit is estimated to take and you will be provided with a fee estimate prior to commencement. All audits include detailed recommendations for fixes and improvements, which can be costed as an additional project for us to complete, or undertaken by your own in-house team.


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